Large investment projects

Dubna - a modern, dynamic city located in the north of Moscow Region, 125 km from Moscow (100 km from Moscow Ring Road). In December 2001, the city was granted the status of Science City and approved the program of development, which has been successfully carried out. Since 2006, the city created Dubna SEZ (Special Economic Zone of technical innovation type). Population growth over the next 10 years is planned due to the implementation of the development of the SEZ. Residents of the SEZ of Dubna at this point include 98 companies.

At this point more than 30 investment projects were implemented in Dubna, more than 15 projects were carried out by residents of SEZ "Dubna".

Some of them are:

1. LLC "Frerus" (devices "artificial kidney" and dialyzers)

2. JSC "Promteh-Dubna" (onboard cable network)

3. LLC "Communication Engineering" (factory prototyping printed circuit boards)

4. Company MPOTK "Tekhnokomplekt" (power electronics)

5. LLC "Prepreg-Dubna" (fiberglass cloth)

6. JSC "NANOKASKAD" (products for plasmapheresis)

7. LLC "BioGenius Plus"

8. NPK "Dedal"

9. LLC "Energy"

10. LLC "Eсonext"

11. LLC "Dubna Biopharm"

Every year this list is increasing and in purpose to improve the investment policy of the Moscow region a Resolution of the Government of Moscow region was made and signed on November 26, 2013 № 982/52 «On approval of the formation of reference lists of investment projects and the consolidated list of investment projects and changes to the status of Ministry of investment and Innovation, Moscow Region"

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